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Horse and Hoof Countrywear offer a comprehensive selection of Decoys ,Calls and Hides perfect for shooting and conservation or photography
A duck decoy is a man-made object resembling a real Duck .Duck decoys are sometimes used in Duck Hunting or Wildfowling to attract real ducks and other water fowl.
Duck decoys were historically Carved from wood or cork, but modern ones are also made of canvas and plastic They are usually painted often elaborately and very accurately, to resemble various kinds of waterfowl.

This form of duck decoy, otherwise known as a hunting decoy or wildfowl decoy, is a life–size model of the creature. The hunter places a number about the hunting area as they will encourage wild birds to land nearby, hopefully within the range of the concealed hunter's gun. Originally carved from wood, they are now made from plastic.
Wildfowl decoys (primarily ducks, geese, shorebirds, and crows, Magpies,pigeons but including some other species) are considered a form of folk art. Collecting decoys has become a significant hobby both for folk art collectors and hunters. The world record was set in September 2007 when a pintail drake and Canada goose, both sold for 1.13 million apiece.
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