Electric Fencing

Horse and Hoof  offer a variety of Electric Fencing equipment , here you will find our comprehensive range of electric fencing products including netting, batteries, energisers, gates, insulators and posts.
Choose the right netting for your electric fence. We sell a range of netting to suit a number of different needs including electrified chicken netting, electric sheep netting, electric rabbit netting and electro rope.
Keep your electric fence powered with our selection of batteries that come in a range of different voltages. For bigger fences choose a 12v battery which can power up to 20 electric sheep nets. To keep your batteries charged you can buy solar panels to provide cheap renewable energy or 12v electric fence energisers to make sure you don’t lose power when you need it the most.
View our  electric fencing extras with essentials such as tape, polywire, aluminium wire, standard wire, gate handles and spring gates. We offer a range of electric fence posts in different sizes, materials and  so you can find the right post to match your fence.