A headlamp known as a headtorch in the UK is a light source affixed to the head for outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions such as caving,orienteering,hiking,skiing,backpacking,camping,mountaineering,mountain biking or hunting and fishing, Headlamps may also be used in adventure races if racing is done during dark periods. Headlamps are often used by workers in underground mining, and other maintenance workers who need hands-free lighting when working in poorly-lit locations.
Headlamps are usually powered by three or four  AA or AAA batteries Systems with heavy batteries (4xAA or more) are usually designed so that the light emitter is positioned near the front of the head, with the battery compartment at the rear of the head. It is sometimes possible to completely disconnect a headlamp's battery pack, for storage on a belt or in a pocket.
Lighter headlamp systems are strapped to the user's head by a single band; heavier ones utilize an additional band over the top of the user's head. Headlamps used incandescent bulbs before power LED’s became available.

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