Pampeano Pampa Leather Picnic Blanket Straps


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Pampeano Pampa Leather Picnic Blanket Straps
Pampeano Pampa Leather Picnic Blanket Straps

These sturdy picnic straps were crafted from the finest leather, and tanned ebony brown with a glossy sheen. The iconic pampa diamonds in red and blue are a very attractive addition, and the hand-stitching here is done with waxed saddlery threads, using the same techniques as you see in our famous polo belts. This embroidered pattern, like those on our polo belts, has been designed to echo aspects of traditional South American art, which depicts dramatic, mountainous scenery with the pampa diamond shapes you see here.

Fully adjustable to to fit your blankets and rugs, picnic straps offer a smart way to store your picnic rugs, for summer garden parties, outings to polo matches or country walks. They are also the perfect solution for more adventurous journeys, when space is of the essence.

Pair with your one of our Navaho Picnic Blankets in your favourite colour, and take a look at our lifestyle section, where you will find beautiful lanterns with leather straps, and stunning service accessories such as our leather ice bucket and decadent chrome champagne cooler.  Wherever you go, you can sit down in the open air and dine in style.
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