Rider Wear

Horse and Hoof Countrywear offer many different varieties of products contributing to rider wear.

We have a huge range of different riding hats to choose from which come with different designs and colour combinations, the standard in quality of these products is very high as we look to ensure the safety of our customers with the hat being a key part of riding wear.

This also ties in with our body protectors range, as they are designed and engineered to ensure you have maximum confidence in the protection of your upper body, the styles available are also crafted to give extra comfort and freedom of movement upon wearing.

We offer various ranges of clothing wear for riders, there are numerous styles and colours to choose from, whether its for men, ladies or children, the options available can be used for not only general horse riding but also for taking part in competitions.

The stock pins we offer are of superior quality and beautifully designed, crafted to give the rider that extra finishing touch.

Our selection of gloves available offer a variety of different uses, as we have gloves for numerous activities whether you are taking part in horse riding, or doing any other leisure activity you can be sure to find the perfect style or design for you, there is also a range of standard gloves if your just looking to keep yourself warm on them cold winter mornings.

The socks we have to otffer come in different ranges also, as you can purchase just standard socks, or we offer fleece socks which give that extra bit of warmth and comfort to your feet, these also come in various designs and styles to choose from.