Stable Equipment

Horse and Hoof Countrywear offer a variety of different stable equipment available for purchase, from feed and water buckets which come in many different colours, shapes and designs to toys and treats also available in a bulk of options.

We offer many different haynets all available in many colours and sizes, the stall equipment we sell include stall chains which come in a range of colours and also stud card holders, giving you an array of options to decide from, helping find the perfect product for you.

There are a range of different stable disinfectant products available for purchase. Formulated for use as the daily detergent/disinfectant for all stable equipment. Whether you need it to clean Feed buckets or Drinkers, the product you are looking for will be right here. This also is the case when looking for bedding powder which is used to eliminate ammonia, reduce viral and bacterial contamination, kill odours, reduce dampness and is a vital component in disease control within the stable.

If your looking for a wide variety of Licks, Holders, Toys & Treats, the variety of options we have will help you find what you are looking for. We have a huge range of salt licks coming in different sizes, Showjumps Treat Toys which are in a variety of colours and also sizes. If it is treats you are looking for, we have a range of  Effol treats availabl, some of the treats we offer are the Crunchies, Snackies and also Sticks, plus many more. With the vast options available the choices you have will be hard to make, you may come away with more than just 1 item!