Tools & Accessories

Horse and Hoof Countrywear offer a large variety of different Tools & Accessories, available to use in or around your stall or stable.

We have Brushes and Brooms, used for soft and hard surfaces, whether your sweeping up dust or dirt, we have what you need available. They come in different colours and also different material, as you can get wooden and also metal re-enforced handles, We also have available our metal extendable brushes which are equipped with hosepipe connector and tap, controlled with an ON/OFF switch, designed with PVC bristles to help prevent scratching on surfaces.

There are Forks, Rakes and Shovels also available, whether you are levelling out a surface with a rake, doing the gritty job of picking up wet bedding and manure inside the stable, or using a shovel to pick up and remove piles of debris, we have plenty of different options, styles and designs, simply find the perfect item for you and help make the hard jobs that little bit easier.

Another job which can be hard is moving piles of dirt, soil, hay and animal feed. We have a wide range of different Wheelbarrows, Trucks and Trolleys. Available in many different colours, designs, styles and capacities. Whether you need something small, light and durable or large which is able to carry great amounts at one given time, we are sure that given the array of options we have, there is something here for everyone to choose from.
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